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Qote’s Ambassador Program

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Get a $5 reward!

For each referred person that uses 120 minutes worth of transcriptions


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Seeking top realtors to lead Qote's referral program as Ambassadors

Earn money with Qote and enjoy our premium plan for free for 3 months.


Ambassador's Code

Users that create a Qote account using an ambassador’s referral code receive one month of Qote’s Premium plan for free.

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No limit to the amount of people that each ambassador gets rewarded for.

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3 months program

Ambassadors can work for Qote for 3 months – after that, the agreement and the code expire.

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Pricing plans

Ps! No credit card is required!

Understanding your business conversations is the key to your success



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9.99 USD/mo

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“It would be more than a slam dunk for me to have that transcription. I feel much more confident having that conversation”

BrittanyReal Estate Agent Lakewood, Colorado

“Now I can pull up the transcription and show you exactly when and where I told you that. It helps alleviate a lot of liability”

BenjaminReal Estate Broker Austin, Texas

“Could I use it right now? I’m having some difficult conversations with my lawyer and it would be super helpful”

TamarReal Estate Agent Toronto, Ontario

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